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Lille Baby Carrier

Lille Baby Carrier


To say that we were in need of a baby carrier update, would be a serious understatement.  We found our Baby Bjorn at a yard sale before we were even pregnant with Jack, and have been using it off and on when we didn't have the time to throw on a wrap.  We still love our wrap, but were in need of something more supportive and convieniant. 

I discovered Lille Baby carriers from other mamas, and fell in love with all of their gorgeous designs.  Just like a brand new handbag, or a sparkly necklace, these carriers make you feel beautiful, while keeping your baby safe and comfortable.  

The complete 6 in 1 carrier allows you to wear your baby 6 different ways, and is made of highly breathable microcloth.  The Complete Embossed Luxe carrier features designer detailing, and a super soft suedecloth lining.  


This weekend was our annual fall trip to the poconos, and our carrier totally saved the day.  We took a chairlift to the top of a mountain, and Henry stayed safe and snug inside the carrier the whole way up.  The padded shoulder straps, and adjustable lumbar support kept my back feeling good, even when we decided to hike the steep trail down to the bottom.  

I'm so happy we found this carrier.  Not only is it arguably the prettiest baby carrier we've ever seen, it's more importantly, the most comfortable.  


The Zen Sack

The Zen Sack