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Maternity Undergarnments Round Up

Maternity Undergarnments Round Up

Something I wish I had invested in with my first son was a good nursing bra.  My thought at the time was that I would just ride it out with my regular bras and buy a couple of cheap ones at Target to hold me over until we were through.  Had I known we'd make it to 22 months, I definitely would have reconsidered that decision.

With baby number two, I wanted to make it a priority to find the best nursing bras out there.  I did my research, and found 3 maternity and nursing bra lines that I wanted to share with you, and give my honest opinion on what's great, and what could use improving on each of them. I also wanted to share with you a postnatal shapewear line to help get your pre baby body back in action.



The YooToo maternity and nursing bra is a bra designed by a mother of two for mothers everywhere with an emphasis on comfort, style, and fit.  The YooToo bra's unique fit conforms to your body through pregnancy and beyond. The YooToo line carries one style of bra in four colors, chai, mocha, cassia, and black.  

Some of the features of this bra include:

- A low plunging v neckline that allows the bra to be worn with more than just a t-shirt. 

- Flexible, lightly molded cups that allow for comfortable nursing.

- Clasps that are easy to open and close with one hand, and hold up to repetitive use.

- Band closure has 6 hook and eyes allowing from 32 to 42 inch rib measurement, and lace trim.

- UGrow technology expands and contracts with your constantly changing body through maternity and nursing. 

What I Liked:

This bra, like many nursing bras does not have an underwire, which can be difficult if you have a naturally large chest like me.  I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive the bra was even without the underwire.  I also loved the 6 hook and eye closure.  That is way more than the average bra.  I am able to wear the bra now while still pregnant, and throughout our nursing journey as my body changes.  I also loved how soft the bra is.  Incredibly comfortable, and the construction is top notch.

What I would improve:

The neckline is much lower than any bras I am used to.  If you have a smaller chest, this might not be an issue for you, but I don't think this bra has enough coverage that I would feel comfortable wearing it out of the house.  That being said, this bra will still get a ton of use as a lounging around the house/sleep bra.  Much more supportive and comfortable than my current sleep bra. 

Cake Maternity


Established in 2008, Cake Maternity is committed to the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women around the world, creating fashion forward brands for women with a strong commitment to quality, luxury and fit. 

Cake Maternity features a wide selection of different nursing bras to fit many shapes and sizes.  I am reviewing their Croissant Smoothing Flexi Wire Spacer Bra. 

Some of the features of this bra include:

-One-piece front cup and frame design for a smooth seamless appeal

-Flexible wire for extra support and great shape

-Spacer cup bra for a snug fit that molds to your shape

-Sufficient stretch to accommodate with restriction

-Easy drop down cups for feeding

-6 hook and eye extension for ribcage expansion

-Inner Cotton A-frame support

What I Liked:

Right off the bat, this bra felt expensive to me.  Very high quality construction, and super soft fabric.  I loved the contrasting blue on the inside, and the 6 hook and eye closure.  The bra felt very smooth and comfortable on.  The underwire helped this bra to feel very supportive.

What I Would Improve:

This is a great bra, so there is not much I would improve.  It does not give as much lift as a standard bra, and much like the YooToo bra, wish it had some padding to push the girls in rather than out.  I can definitely see myself wearing this bra out, and being very comfortable.  However, I don't see myself wearing this bra until a few months after delivering, as I developed mastasis after wearing an underwire bra with my first son early on. 

Beli Bea

Founder Melissa Holland, a mother of five, developed the Beli Bea bra as a way for mothers to nurse and pump at the same time.  She designed this bra following her rewarding, yet exhausting experience of constant pumping while nursing her first child, and trying to get back to work. 

Beli Bea carries the hands free pumping and nursing Nourish bra, as well as a cami version. 

Some of the features of the Bra/Cami Include:

-Innovative dual panel design allows mothers to keep the garment in place whether breastfeeding, pumping, or reveling in the moments between. 

-The inside panel features a unique opening that holds a breast shield in place for hands free convenience while pumping. 

What I Like:

The material on both the cami and Bra is insanely soft.  It reminds me of shapewear material, and really holds you in place.  I love the fact that this bra can be worn to nurse or pump.  I can definitely see myself using this for both purposes, maybe even at the same time!  

What I Would Improve:

Currently, the bra only comes in four sizes, Small, Medium, Large, and Xtra Large.  Since there are no band sizes, and only the standard 3 hook and eye closure, it is hard to get a perfect fit.  Since my chest is large, I followed the sizing chart and ordered a Large.  I'm finding that while the cup size is perfect, the band size is too big.  I know that if I go down to a Medium, the band size will probably fit better, but the cups will be too small.  If you are large chested with a more petite frame like myself, this may be an issue for you. Currently the largest cup size this bra accommodates is a 44 DD.  However, owner Melissa says larger styles are in the works. 

Wink Shapewear

Wink is a radical silly, smooth slimming system of support and medical compression undergarments, including belly wraps, bands, and medical Shapewear to help your body look and feel fabulous. 

Wink carries a wide line of shapewear specifically designed for the postpartum body.  I am reviewing the Belly Blaster.

Some of the features of the Belly Blaster Include:

-Offers two layers of silky medical compression material that provides compression and support during the first 8 weeks of postpartum recovery and post abdominal surgeries. 

-Adjustable length for different sized torsos and waist with 3 levels of hook and eye closure at side and crotch. 

-Held securely by adjustable suspenders

- Padded hook and eye closure at crutch for easy bathroom access. 

What I Like:

So since I am still pregnant, I am not able to try this shapewear on yet, so I can only tell you what I like about the design.  The material is very soft, and feels incredibly supportive.  I like the adjustable straps, and the hook and eye closure at the side to adjust as my body starts to shrink back down.  I also love the idea that you don't have to take it off to use the bathroom, with the padded hook and eye closure at the crotch. 

What I Would Improve:

Again, I can not currently try this on, but just from receiving the garment, I noticed the fabric easily snags.  The product arrived to me with a few pulls in it already.  

*YooToo, Cake Maternity, Beli Bea, and Wink Shapewear provided me with free product to review.  All opinions of the garments are my own. 

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