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Motif Duo

Motif Duo


When my son Jack was 3 months old, one of my best friends was getting married out of state.  I was nursing Jack, and had never been away from him for more than an hour.  Since the wedding was adult only, I had to figure out a game plan to pump while I was away.  I was still new to breastfeeding.  Still figuring things out. And really had no need to pump before this trip.  When I gathered all of my supplies together, I realized I did not have a bag that would hold ALL THE THINGS.  I managed to find a tote that matched my dress, but it was so big, it looked like I was carrying around luggage all night.  

Now that my second son is 9 months old, I still have that big, noisy, pump.  Since we are EBF, I do not need to break it out often, but when I do, it's never easy or convenient.  One of my New Years resolutions for 2018, is to take more adventures with my family. I wanted to officially retire the clunky old pump, and find a smaller, more portable one that I could easily fit in a suitcase or purse.  

The Motif Double Electric Breast Pump is a lightweight, super travel friendly pump that uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery.  This pump weighs less than a pound, and stays charged for 2.5 hours!  It is virtually silent, allowing for easy peasy, discreet pumping, anytime, anywhere.  Just think of the possibilities!


The auto off feature automatically powers down after 30 minutes, and has 10 expression levels to meet every mamas needs.  The bright LCD screen means you can even pump in the dark! There's literally nowhere you can't take this pump.  

After trying the Motif Duo, I can honestly say it works great.  It has even better suction than my bigger pump, and fits in the palm of my hand. I love how quiet it is, and the sleek design doesn't look like any breast pump I've seen.  I would highly recommend this pump for working mamas, traveling mamas, or any mama that needs an easy and discreet way to feed your baby.


Many insurances offer the Motif Duo at no cost to you.  To see if your carrier participates, click here.  

Posh and Cozy

Posh and Cozy