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Summer, Here We Come!

Summer, Here We Come!


After what seems like the longest winter/spring in history, we could not be more ready for warm weather!  Here in Pennsylvania it snowed straight through to the end of April, and the boys and I had cabin fever like you would not believe!  After Henry’s 1st birthday the first weekend in May, things started to turn around, and we finally got a taste of that summer sun we so desperately needed. 

We are so lucky to live within walking distance of a beautiful park, so we get outside almost every day.  Now that Henry is over 25 lbs. he’s starting to feel mighty big in that carrier.  We have a wagon that the boys got from “Mia” for Christmas, but I wanted another option for walks to the park. I had looked at a few double jogging strollers, but for as long as we’d be using it, I couldn’t justify spending all that money.  Jack is 3 now, and definitely wants to get out and walk like a big boy, from time to time.  



I found the Delta Children LX Plus Side X Side Stroller, and loved all of the features, at a very reasonable price point. It is compact and lightweight and can fit through any doorway. Each seat reclines, and has a large canopy with back cover, which is an upgrade from the previous version.  Getting the boys in and out is super easy, and they are so comfortable having their own seat.  


Maybe my favorite feature of this stroller is all of the storage space!  It has two large pockets for keeping wipes, sunscreen, water bottles, keys, you name it!  It also has a clip on cup holder for extra drink storage. 

We have been using this stroller for about a month now, and could not be happier.  It has a really smooth quite ride, and is perfect for walks to the park, quick trips to the mall, and we loved taking it to Hersheypark for our first trip of the season. 


The boys hats are Cash & Co., an adorable start up a I found on Instagram, perfect for my fellow boy mamas.  They are coming out with a ton of new designs for summer, but we fell in love with these black and white versions, that add instant cool to any outfit.  

Henry’s 1st Birthday Carnival

Henry’s 1st Birthday Carnival