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Henry’s 1st Birthday Carnival

Henry’s 1st Birthday Carnival


They say part of the fun of becoming a parent is being able to relive your childhood, all over again.   It occurred to me recently that I have not been tapping into that aspect of motherhood as much as I should be.  As the mama of a 3 year old and almost 1 year old, I like most new moms, am guilty of getting caught up in the daily grind.  “The fog”, as it’s often referred to, sometimes makes you forget that there is a lot of fun to be had at this stage of the game!

After planning three birthday parties for my first son, I wanted Henry’s 1st birthday,  to be less stress, and more fun!  I was determined to give up my perfectionist streak for good, in exchange for an imperfect and memorable day, surrounded by our closest people.  Would there be decorations? Of course.  Would there be a theme?  Well ok, a mild one.  But was I going to loose sleep over an Insta worthy table scape?  No. Just no.  

With Fun (yes, with a capital F) being my main goal of this party, I started brainstorming ideas about what I wanted the day to look like.  I knew I didn’t want to stress about cleaning my house, so a home party was out.  And since Jacks birthday is in January, the luxury of a beautiful spring day, was not lost on me.  After throwing around a few ideas, we settled on having it at a park that we take the boys to a lot.  But then I thought, well how can I make this feel like a special occasion, and not just a trip to the park. We gotta go big.  We’re getting a bounce house!  


We decided to go with Bounce House Rentals of Lancaster.  They had great reviews on Facebook, and the owner, Rick was amazing to work with.  The set up took less than 20 min, and the bounce house was super clean, safe and secure, and so much fun.  The adults loved it as much as the kids, and it really set the tone for exactly what the party was about. A day spent with each other celebrating our sweet little love.  And if the bounce house wasn’t enough, we also rented a snow cone machine which the kids absolutely loved.  I could not be happier with the whole experience.  


As I mentioned, we kept the decor really minimal, but I still think it turned out really cute.  All the party supplies we purchased at Target or the Dollar Tree.  My favorite were the little carnival animals I found in a dollar bin.  The chalk board sign my mom found at an antique store in Amish country before our wedding, and it has really come in handy.  We use it for everything from parties to yard sales.  It’s so great!  


My husband made me a coco cake from scratch on my birthday, so he recreated one with two layers and a naked icing look.  It was so yummy, and Henry absolutely demolished it!  


So please take my advice new mamas, and cut yourself some slack! Stop stressing out over your littles birthday party.  Remember what the day is really about.  And just have FUN!

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